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About us

Moving, performing, fighting, and advocating.

CRUX was born in the Summer of 2018 as a way to demonstrate that Chicago is a city is radiating with passion. 

Showcasing its fashion, and fighting for the importance of our community within the larger creative narrative CRUX exists for the designers and the viewers.

Fashion, especially in Chicago, is not stagnant. It is constantly collaborating, performing, and advocating. We are here to take a deeper look into Chicago’s resident designers and reframe what it means to create locally. CRUX is a reaction and strives to create an environment for the designers of Chicago where they feel supported and visible. Standing at the heart of this magazine’s fruition is the dedication of creators from all around the city.  

To redefining boundaries, challenging without fear, and realizing with fervor.

Issue 1 & 2

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Issue No. 1
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